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7 Ways Pilates Can Improve Your Mental Health

Updated: Apr 11

Pilates is not only good for the physical aspects; building strength, increasing mobility, and improving flexibility - it can also have many positive effects on mental health as well. Here are 7 ways that Pilates can benefit your mental health:

1. Improving memory: Pilates involves learning new skills and increasing the connection between the mind and body.

2 Decreasing Stress: Activating deeper muscles helps to release stress releasing hormones. It helps to improve the nervous system by coordinating the brain to other parts of the body.

3. Brain Training: The process of learning new movements and coordinating them into different exercises can mentally challenge the brain as well the body by having them coordinate with each other.

4. Clearing Your Mind of Distractions: In order to do Pilates, you must focus on learning different exercise sequences, modifications, etc. This distracts the mind from other things that may be causing stress.

5. Increasing Your Creativity: Exercise stimulates the mind in many ways. It can allow you to approach something from a different perspective and find a creative way to approach and solve a problem.

6. Helping With Insomnia: Pilates can help to calm the mind and bring about better sleep, which can improve emotional and mental well-being.

7. Creating Balance Between the Mind and Body:The body and mind need to work in harmony in order to be able to perform Pilates exercise. This synergistic relationship helps to improve mental health.

Thesr are just a few of the mental health benefits that Pilates can provide. It can increase energy levels and decrease depression, anxiety, and fatigue. The physical and mental aspects of Pilates can make it an ideal program to improve your overall wellness. Try a quick Pilates Mat workout by clicking on the following link:

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