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What is a Magic Circle?

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

The Magic Circle or Pilates ring as it is often called, is one of the most popular props for Pilates exercises. It is a metal ring with 2 cushioned pads on either end. It provides resistance and promotes body awareness along with improving posture. The ring can also be used to assist with stretching and facilitate flexibility. They usually run about 13-15 inches in diameter and can be used to tone and strengthen the entire body. Here are three exercises that you can do with a Magic Circle: Get ready to feel the burn 🔥!

  1. Bridge: Lay on your back with feet hip width distance apart. Place circle between inner thighs. Start slowly lifting the hips up while squeezing the circle. Continue to squeeze the circle as you come down. Add a pulse at the top for more challenge.

  2. Resistance Pliés: Standing-place ring just above knees. Place heels together in a plie position. Keep back straight and bend knees to lower. Lift up engaging core and inner thighs. Add pulses for more challenge.

  3. Half Roll Down: Sitting with ring between inner thighs and back straight, starting squeezing the circle with the legs as you curl the tailbone under while slowly leaning back. Come back up to starting position.

For more Pilates Ring exercises, check out this video from the Kore library:


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