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What is Suspension Training?

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Suspension training is a type of training that involves using some type of suspension equipment, like a TRX suspension trainer to do a variety of multi-planar, compound exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability at the same time. There are many benefits to suspension training equipment, like the TRX - it is very versatile and adjustable for all levels. The home version of the TRX is very portable and allows taking your gym equipment with you if you travel. The beauty of suspension training is that it challenges your balance and stability, but can be modified by changing your body position. The TRX system stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise that actually allows you to use your body weight and gravity. Your body becomes stronger and adapts to neuromuscular responses that come along with training in multiple planes. It is a more functional type of strength training because it closely resembles activities that we do in our daily lives (moving side-to-side, rotating, etc.). The core is engaged during all suspension exercises dry to the fact that the suspension trainer, like the TRX, is not fixed - it is suspended and moving. This automatically increases the activation of all the stabilizers around the core as well as other joints, such as the shoulder and hip. An example of a TRX Bicep curl is pictured in the video:

  1. Attach the cables to an anchor point above your head and adjust the straps to hang down about mid-length.

  2. Grab the handles and stand with your body facing the anchor point.

  3. Walk your feet toward the anchor point keeping core tight. This places your body slightly leaned back with tension the cables.

  4. Start with elbows bent higher than your shoulders, palms facing young handles towards forehead.

  5. Maintain a strong plank position with core engaged and slowly lower your body back towards the floor until arms are straight.

  6. Slowly bend your arms with control and curl yourself towards the handles to the start position.

  7. If modification is needed, try staggered feet to provide more stability during the movement.

Suspension training can be challenging if you have not tried it before. A Certified Personal Trainer may be able to help you learn how to use the equipment. If you are thinking about purchasing a TRX, you can go to and enter the code TRX20KORE to get 20% off of your purchase. It's an amazing deal on a great piece of exercise equipment. Give it a try!

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