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4 Ways Pilates can help your Golf Game

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Golf is a game that emphasizes rotation, trunk stability, flexibility in the spine. The movements can be dynamic and over time the repetitive movement patterns can cause muscle imbalances with some muscles being overused and others being under utilized. This can ultimately lead to injury. Pilates incorporates core strength and focuses on the deep stabilizer muscles that can help improve posture and decrease strain on the back. Here are five ways that Pilates can help improve your golf game.

Increased Core Strength:

Golf involves a lot of rotational movement. Emphasizing strength in the internal and external obliques is important to help increase power in your swing. The TA muscles and medial glutes are deep internal stabilizers that help to protect the low back. Exercises like Bridges, Side Leg Lifts, and Crisscross are good strengthening exercises to help improve strength in those areas.

Improved Balance and Increased Stability

Increased Flexibility

Preventing Injury

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