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Is Mat Pilates Right for You?

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Mat Pilates is a great way to work on building strength, increase body awareness, improve posture and breathing, and improve balance. Other benefits include increasing mental focus and decreasing stress. Pilates exercises can be modified for beginner levels and can also be built on to challenge advanced students.

As a Pilates Instructor, I have a variety of students in my mat classes of all levels and abilities. The ability to help students increase the awareness of their bodies to help them get the most out of their class and help them to modify exercises due to an injury are things that I teach students of all levels.

There is very little equipment needed for a mat Pilates class. Usually, you just need a mat

and a small bit of floor space. Props like a Pilates Ring, a small ball, exercise bands, and a set of 2 - 3 lb. weights are sometimes used in class to add variety and challenge to exercises. They can also be helpful tools in assisting with some exercises and stretches.

When starting a class for the first time, allow yourself time to learn the exercises and do what you can do to start. Don't worry about getting the breathing right at first. As you continue to practice, you will develop the strength in your core and throughout your body and you will become familiar with how the breathing works with the exercises. Aim to take class twice a week if possible to start to develop the strength and become more familiar with the exercises. The main thing is to enjoy yourself as you continue to grow in your practice. Check out some mat Pilates videos by clicking on the link:

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